Songtsen Library, a library to collect, catalogue, preserve and make accessible ancient Tibetan and Himalayan religious, cultural and historical documents.

Here you can find out what the Songtsen Library is all about, what our mission is and what the future will hold. 

If you want to visit us for a tour, to study or to do a meditation retreat, get information here. 


News and Announcments

15th Intensive Tibetan Language Course

September 2014

It is a pleasure to notify that the 15th Intensive Tibetan Language Course for the period of three months is beginning from 17th November, 2014

The objective of the course is to make the beginners able to speak, read and write Tibetan. Classes will be four hours a day. The duration of the course may be extended further.

Those interested can register at our office during the office hours i.e. between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm or through e-mail or fax latest by November, 11th, 2014

Tuition fee:
Rs. 600/-per month

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month
Sunday and Official holiday of the Institute

Room Rent:  
Single room- Rs.350/- per day
Double room-Rs.495/- per day

Whole day meals (Breakfast, Lunch Dinner)
Rs. 150/- per day per person.

Incase accommodations needed, please apply by the end of October 2014

For further information kindly contact:

Tibetan Language Course
Songtsen Library
P.O.Kulhan, Sahastradhara Road

Phone: + 91 135 2607810/ 2607811 Fax : +91 135 2607813


Events and Activities

11th Intensive Tibetan Language Course and Basic Buddhist Studies Course

May 2013

The 11th Intensive Tibetan Language Course and Basic Buddhist Studies Course for the period of three months was commenced on 8thMay 2013.

It is going on well and will come to  end on the 7th of August 2013.

The objective of the course is to make beginners able to speak, read and write Tibetan and have some basic knowledge about Buddhism.
This two courses are very popular and sought after by Tibetan and non Tibetan beginners.


Visit by Shigally Hill International Academy

May 2013

As a popularization program, 30 students from different countries, studying in Shigally Hill International Academy, Dehradun, visited the library along with 5 staff members.

In response to their request the Director of Songtsen Library gave a lecture on ‘Introduction to Buddhism.’

The Director apprised the students about the library and its activities. The visit was highly appreciated. To make their visit more enjoyable, a paid lunch was organized for the students.

The Dalai Lama's message

His Holiness The Dalai Lama's message to Songtsen Library, Dehra Dun 
Original Tibeten Text


Corpus Fund for Songsten Library

Corpus Fund for Songsten Library, Center for Tibetan and Himalayan studies, Dhera Dun, Uttarakhand India

On the vision of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, the german Drikung Sangher sponsored the building of the Library.
A few international sponsors were very generous to donate funds for the purchase of the books, computer requirements to go on line and the art-work at the library.

Looking forward to the future, a CORPUS FUND needs to be urgently set up to maintain this library.
I appeal to you today to become a SPONSOR/Lifetime Member of the Library: $300.00 or Rs. 10,000.00 for South Asian countries.
MAKE A DONATION in the memory of a loved one.

You can make a cheque in the name of D.K. Institute, under which we are registered in India. Kindly let us know when you send your donation. Thank you for your assistance to this Center of Knowledge.

Songtsen Library


Download and install Tibeten Font

Download TCRCunicode.zip (413kb) 

Instruction to setup the Tibetan Font:

1. Download folder "TCRC unicode.zip" from the host computer/website. Unzip the files to a your harddrive. 
2. Copy the font file "TibetanUnicode.ttf" into "windows/fonts" folder. Or go to the control panel/fonts and select 'install new font' from the 'File' menu. This will install the Tibetan Font locally.

Instruction to use the Tibetan Keyboard:

1. Click on "UniTibKbdMgr.exe" to start the keyboard. 
2. Click "ScrollLock" to toggle between typing in "English" and "Tibetan"
3. When toggled to "Tibetan" just type in whatever tibetan words you wish, into the fields on the website.


Songtsen Library,
Center for Tibetan and Himalayan Studies

P.O Kulhan Sahastradhara Road
Distt: Dehra Dun 248001

Phone no.
+91 135 2607810
+91 135 2607811

Fax no. 
+91 135 2607813

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